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Photo by Julie Riemersma



Heath V. Salazar (they/them) is an award-winning Latinx multidisciplinary performer and writer.


Named a ‘prolific trans artist’ by CBC Arts in 2019, Heath has developed their career with a focus on projects that center intersectional forms of queer and trans representation across all disciplines. They utilize the arts to make potent social change because they recognize and value the arts’ ability to transcend language, borders, and class systems.


Heath’s artistry and advocacy has given them the great privilege of shaking hands with some of the very elders who’ve fought for their rights as a queer person as well as the opportunity to work as a speaker and lecturer in classes full of young minds.

One of their biggest honours to date has been their nomination for LGBTQ Person of the Year from the 2019 Inspire Awards.

Over the course of the pandemic, Heath pivoted to virtual art forms and digital performance. They developed an affinity for video editing and created an array of music videos and shorts featuring original sound design, performance, and poetry. Their short Pink had its public debut at the 2021 Toronto Indie Night Short Film Festival.

Photo by Julie Riemersma


- Heath V. Salazar, panelist for the 519 (June 2023)

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